Sugaring seminars and Discounted Prices

 Carol and Kelsey Sugar and Skin Spa Hampton Roads

Carol and Kelsey are “The Sugar Mamas”! Our mission in life is to empower women and girls through education and beauty, whatever that means to them. We offer FREE educational seminars coupled with Sugaring services at discounted prices for attendees. In this way we can provide a service at a great price as well as educate and empower! Kelsey is a Licensed Esthethician, a Licensed Cosmetologist, A certified Sugarist and a Virginia certified Instructor, and Carol is a Licensed Esthethician, a Certified Sugarist and a US Navy trained Instructor. With these skills and certifications we are qualified to instruct small and large groups about skincare, makeup, hair, hair removal or any other topics related to beauty, beauty standards, skin, hair, or empowerment through beauty! We have a passion for helping women, teens and girls feel beautiful in their skin and we are committed to empowering them through beauty! We truly believe that everyone is beautiful and capable and we strive to break down beauty stereotypes so all women and girls see their beauty, strength and worth!