Pro Tip Tuesday - Best Oils for Skin

What are the Best Oils for Your Skin?

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All oils are not created equal. There are comedogenic oils and non-comedogenic oils. Comedogenic is just a fancy word for pore clogging. You should always use non-comedogenic oils because they will not clog your pores. A great way to see which oils are best is to look at a comedogenic scale online, however, many of them have information that clash with each other. In order to clear up some of the confusion about this subject I talked about it in last week’s Pro Tip Tuesday, live on our Facebook page. I love to share my knowledge so people can benefit from and make more informed decisions about their skincare routines.


The best oils for your skin will be found lower on the comedogenic scale

0 - will not clog pores at all

1 - very low

2 - moderately low

3 - moderately likely

4 - fairly high

5 - high

Oils Low on the Comedogenic Scale

  • Grapeseed Oil - 1

  • CBD Oil - 0

  • Argon Oil - 0

  • Abyssinian Oil - 0

  • Sweet Almond Oil - 2

  • Jojoba oil - 2

  • Soy Bean Oil – 5

argan oil or coconut oil - Which is Best?

One of the most popular oils that people often rave about is coconut oil. Coconut oil is a four on the comedogenic scale, so it’s probably going to clog your pores. Fractionated coconut oil is a bit better for your pores and lies in the two to three range. If you’re debating between argan oil or coconut oil, go with argan oil it’s a zero verses coconut at a four!

We love to see Grapeseed oil in products (in fact we use that in the Sugar scrub we sell for exfoliation after a Sugaring hair removal treatment), and Jojoba oil as well. Argan oil can be expensive, so we are glad that CBD oil is so popular because it is affordable and has a zero on the scale. Keep checking here for more information about the CBD oil products we will be carrying in the spa soon as well as the services where we will be using CBD for clients skincare!